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R1 RCM Platform redefines what is possible for the healthcare industry. With unparalleled access to data, intelligent technologies, and advanced analytics – all built and backed by deep RCM experts – we help leading providers transform their approach to financial performance and patient care, today and tomorrow.

Patient Scheduling & Registration

Streamline Scheduling Processes,
Accurate Patient Registration,
Insurance Verification

Eligibility Verification

Real-Time Eligibility Checks: Conduct real-time insurance eligibility checks to confirm coverage before services are rendered.

Clinical Documentation and Coding

Train healthcare providers on effective and timely clinical documentation to ensure accuracy.

Charge Capture and Billing

Automate Charge Capture: Implement automated charge capture systems to ensure all services rendered are billed. Accurate Billing: Use advanced billing software to generate accurate bills and reduce the risk of errors.

Claims Management

Automated Claims Submission: Use electronic claims submission to expedite the process and reduce errors. Claim Scrubbing: Implement claim scrubbing tools to identify and correct errors before submission to avoid rejections.

Denial Management

Analyze Denial Trends: Regularly analyze denial trends to identify common issues and implement corrective actions. Dedicated Denial Management Team: Establish a team focused on quickly addressing and appealing denied claims.

Patient Payment Collection

Transparent Billing Practices: Provide clear and detailed billing statements to patients to reduce confusion and disputes. Flexible Payment Options: Offer multiple payment methods and flexible payment plans to make it easier for patients to pay.

Revenue Cycle Analytics

Performance Monitoring: Use RCM analytics tools to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and identify areas for improvement. Data-Driven Decisions: Leverage data analytics to make informed decisions and optimize revenue cycle processes.

Compliance and Risk Management

Stay Updated on Regulations: Keep up with the latest healthcare regulations and ensure compliance to avoid fines and penalties. Internal Audits: Conduct regular internal audits to identify and address compliance issues proactively

Patient Engagement and Satisfaction

Enhance Patient Communication: Use patient portals and automated communication tools to keep patients informed and engaged. Improve Patient Experience: Focus on improving the overall patient experience to boost satisfaction and loyalty, which can lead to better payment rates.


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When you join R1 Rcm Services, you join a global community committed to going above and beyond for our clients and their patients. With industry-leading technology, cross-functional expertise and unparalleled opportunity for impact, we’re here to help you propel your career forward.

Professional Support

The AR Caller plays a crucial role in the revenue cycle management process of healthcare organizations. They are responsible for identifying and resolving issues with unpaid or denied claims and ensuring that the organization receives the appropriate reimbursement for services rendered..

Top-Notch Support

Conducting outbound calls to Insurance Companies on behalf of healthcare providers to inquire about claim status. Handling US Healthcare Providers Billing efficiently. Following up with Insurance Companies to track outstanding claims. Analysing claims in case of rejections and ensuring resolution.

Provide Exclusive Assets

AR calling, also known as Accounts Receivable calling, is an essential component of medical billing that involves contacting insurance companies, patients, or responsible parties to resolve unpaid or denied medical claims. This process aims to ensure timely payment, optimize revenue, and minimize financial losses for healthcare providers.


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Our enterprise solutions are designed to meet you where you are on your revenue cycle journey. From large health systems to local hospitals and rising costs to regulatory complications, we harness leading technology and unmatched expertise to help you streamline your business, drive financial performance and deliver an exceptional patient experience.

Understanding Clients Requements

Providing Best Resources for help to clients

Taking a review on daily base to clients

Meeting to clients

Meeting to team how to achieved clients Requements

Calling to insurance on provider side


Why clients are beliving us

Consistently driving impact for our clients and their patients

Reduce costs

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    eduction in cost collection
Revenue improvement



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Deliver a better experience


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    Good experience and Knowlage

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Our vision is supported by a global team of experts in business, technology and every aspect of healthcare, with a shared commitment to going above and beyond for those we serve.

Keith Newton

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Summers


Heidi Harris

EVP, Operations, Revenue Solutions

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EVP, Global Operations


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